Master of Pumpkins

by Boo Dudes

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released October 1, 2015

Ghastly Mike Hackenslash - 666 string, disembodied wails, human organs
Jesse BOO - El Bajo de las fantasmas, disembodied background wails
Ghoulio Estevez - Bonechilling riff conjuration
Heath So Spooky - Paranormal synthesizers and spooky sounds



all rights reserved


Boo Dudes Nashville, Tennessee

The raddest spook tunes for every BOIL and GHOUL.

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Track Name: Bats!
Track Name: Dracula's Second DUI
It was a dark and spooky night.
The count was down for a friday night fright.
The ghouls laughed and the goblins spoke.
You know your lisence been revoked!

Don’t you drive
Don’t you drive your dragula!
There’s not much time
Til your probation’s up!

But noBLOODY could stop that jerk
Down the highway to hell he swerved
To the bell free of an ex girlFIEND
He hadn't seen since she was 17!

Second strike
Don’t try to fight Sergeant Skellyman
Your lawyer’s right
You don’t stand a chance this time!

Dracula’s 2nd DUI
Track Name: Dia de los Brain Muertos
Worms crawl in
Then they hide
I guess they saw
What the spider spied!

Corpses rise
Not quite alive
It’s the spookiest night.
Dia de los brain muertos!

The creatures are afraid
Of Dankenstein’s brigade
A dark ritual tonight
Burning hashish on a knife
Tuck yourself in fucking tight.
It’s 4/20!

Ghosts and ghouls
Undead freaks
Prepare for this
Unholy eve!

Creeps with knives
Too high to die
It’s the 20th day of April
Dia de los Brain Muertos!

Phantoms stumbling along
In this creepy haunted fog
A curse from Mayan dudes
With evil attitudes
You’re all fucking screwed
It’s 4/20!

Even Dracula would not
Inject a hit of pot!
Want you all to sing a long
"We don’t want your bongs!"
We don’t want your bongs!

Fuck 4/20!
Track Name: Kreepy Kegger
Raised on roofies in a science lab
Released into the world to terrorize a frat!
SCARES too low for the Cobweb League
Yeah, Transylvania Tech was more of my speed!
Dean Van Helsing all up in my face
Get off my case! I'll spook the human race!
Slammin' silver bullets in the graveyard at night
Because ya just can't mess with a Sigma Delta FRIGHT!

Kegger at the...
Frat house

We got DJ Creature on the 1's and 2's
We got a pool full of blood and a bucket of booze!
Frankenstein is mackin' on a witchy old hag
Yeah your mom threw away your be(a)st porno mag!
Cthulu ripped a bong that bong that was 5 foot tall!
Freddie versus Jason in the beer pong hall!
We got tons of spooky ghoulies and a belfry with BATS
at this creepy fuckin' kegger in this freaky fuckin' frat!

Kegger at the...
Frat house

Respect the ghouls! BOO MEANS BOO!

Freaky frat.
Freaky frat.
Track Name: Spider (In My Tub)
I woke from a dream
A nightmare it seemed
Of a bone chilling kind!

The spectres did chase me
ghouls wake me up!
Twas then that i had the urge...

I got up to pee
What is this I see?
Lurking the shadows of my tub.

8 legs and 6 eyes
Born to terrorize!
Doing a freaky dance around the drain.

Oh what shall I do
With a spider so huge
He would take me for food??

There’s a spider in the tub
My god!
Yes a spider in the tub. Yuck!

I beg him to flee
I cannot kill the beast
Because my vegan girlfriend would be angry.

Furry and frightening
Creature of the night
I beseech thee leave me alone!

I want to sleep
And you want to feed
On my blood and flesh and bones. Gross!
Track Name: It's Fucking Easter
Come, good children, down the rabbit trail
Treats await you. Peeps to sate you.
Find the eggs beyond the rabbit trail
Serve your goddess
It's fucking Easter

Lay in the plastic grass and sleep

Not much further to the peatman's bog
Goddess loves you. The peat moss hugs you.
Drink the blood of the sacred bog
The goddess mommy demands a mummy.

Her womb, it quickens for the harvest.

Dye some eggs or die infertile.

At least it's better than church.
Track Name: Paranormal Party
One night I was combing the beach
When something spooky happened to me
Ghosts were wailing
Werewolves bayyyying!

A bat flew up and said to me
"The keg is full and cups are free
Don’t tell what you see
On paranormal beach!"

Drac lays out to get a tan
In the moonlight!
Gets re-buried in the sand
It’s a gnarly afterlife.

Little green men were hanging ten
Nessie’s cracking cans with his new girlfriend!
Ghosts at the Terrifying tiki bar!
Floating with ghouls drinking brains from a jar!

The Lord Jesus Christ is tending the grill
Chupacbra making sure the homies are chill!
Frankie Brought the dank, If you want to throw down
Weed is fucking rank, so get the fuck out!

Cthulu stalking out of the waves
To spit some game at some witchy babes
He strikes out

You start to flee, you’re sore afraid
But you’re trapped, you can’t get away
You’ll never escape
From paranormal beach!

Sasquatch starts to strum a song
On acoustic.
L. Ron Hubbard sings along
It’s some spooky music!

Just like the werewolf
Under the moon
It’s the zombies in the graveyard
And they’re chasing you!
You got the type of blood
That can make me drool!
Give me your neck
Or your brains
Ah let’s forget about it!

Your neck or your braiiiiinz!

Dimentional beings build castles of sand.
Bodysurfing mummies and a vampyre band!
Don’t tell a soul about what you saw
‘cause we don’t want hassle from the paranormal law!
Dracula is cut off so they called him a cab
But he grabbed his keys and made out like a bat!
It’s a killer party and the ghoulies are freaks
On paranormal beach!
Track Name: Jump-start My Heart
Frankenstein rise and shine from your grave.
You know you got a court date today.
Your spooky bride says your payments are late.
Got to pay that alimony.

Ex-bride of Frankenstein
Shocking monster insane!
Jump start the monsters heart
Because he’s dying again!

Ex-bride of Frankenstein
Shocking monster, insane!
Jump-start this monster's heart
Because he's dyin' again!

Such a stone cold bitch.

She took your kids and took your dog away.
She dug him up from the pet semetary.

Fire bad but tinder good.
Go out and meet the ghoulies
In your neighborhood.
Get back on your hearse!
Take my advice.
You know that you’re only gonna live twice...

Maybe 3 or 4 times

Ex-bride of Frankenstein
Jump-start this heart of mine
better run and hide
from Frankie's ex-bride!
Track Name: Gravebone Jones
He digs your graves
Deep in the ground
In the night time, fright time
6 feet deep is where he’s found!
Mister Gravebone!
He’s Mister Gravebones Jones!
He’s the Tzar of the graveyard
Gravebones Jones.

He’ll pluck the coins
Out of your eyes!
He once fucked a mermaid
Which he currently denies.

He’s Mister Gravebone Jones!
He makes the cemetary scary!
Gravebone Jones.

He’s Mister Gravebone Jones!
He’ll get you shipped to your crypt!
Gravebone Jones.

His skull is numb
His brain is mush
Smoking from the necrobong
His Transylvania kush!

He’s Mister Gravebone Jones
He makes the mausoleum girlies SCREAM!
Gravebone Jones.

He eats the worms
From coffin lids
takes his Jager with some gravedirt
And a Redbull from the crypt!

He’s Mister Gravebones Jones!
Like a funerary mother Mary
Gravebone Jones!

He’s Mister Gravebone Jones
Connaisseur of the selpulchre
Gravebone Jones

Gravebone Jones!
he's the belle of the charnel!
Gravebone Jones
Track Name: Wolfmen's Werehouse
Werewolf wolfwear!
style and savings!
at the Wolfmen’s Werehouse!
4 locations. Fetch a bargain
at the Wolfmen’s Werehouse!
We’ve got flannels and jeans, rabies vaccines.
Collars for fleas. Several coupons online!

Come to Wolfmen’s Werehouse.
Come to Wolfmens Werehouse.
2 for 1 on chew toys.
Valid through december.
Exit 6 off Briley.
Take a left at Chilis.
Parking at the graveyard.
Follow all the howling.
Located in the old mall.
The one that’s mostly offices.
Next to the army recruiters.
Bark to recieve assistance.

Werewolf wolfwear! style and savings at the Wolfmen’s Werehouse
Seniors discount, we validate parking, at the Wolfmen’s Werehouse
At the Wolfmen's Werehouse!